21 Day Spring Challenge

Latin Fitness Ztudio proud to be offering a 30 Day Challenge and now a 21 day challenge for those who find it difficult to commit to a full month.

Come change your body, improve your life and your dance skills in an amazing fun way, come and join us for 21 Classes, 21 consecutive days.


COST : $125 (+tax)  Register 2 friends and register for FREE  BUY NOW


  • Students in the challenge practice for 21 consecutive days/21 classes.
  • You can miss up to 3 days and make them up by doubling up classes.
  • Your existing memberships can be paused for the 21 day challenge.
  • Includes one week of time efficient and cost efficient meal plan.
  • If you wish to stay for an extra class outside the challenge, you can use a punch Card or your existing pass will not be paused.
  • Remember the Challenge is NOT an unlimited Pass, this Challenge represents 21 classes for 21 consecutive Days.
  • If you stop attending classes more than 2 times you are automatically out of the challenge, not refunds.
  • 1 week of unlimited classes pass will be given away to the winner.
  • We will take your measurements prior to the event to compare the progress at the end of the challenge (we will keep the information private).
  • Pre-Registration is required.

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