What are the Best Shoes for Zumba®, Reggaeton and cardio kickboxing?

Posted on October 1, 2013 by Latin Fitness Ztudio

What are the best shoes for Zumba?

As a dance fitness/zumba® instructors and  leading up to 15 classes per week, this is a very common question brought to Ivy and Silvi. There are many shoes marketed as “Zumba® friendly”, but really you should be considering several important factors in picking out a pair for your class. Yes, Zumba® is about bright fun colours,  but to keep your comfort level up during and even after class, don’t base your decision on the colour factor or looks alone!

Here are some features to take note of and consider when looking for the perfect shoes design for Zumba®,  we can tell you that the shoes you use for running or other activities could be the very ones you should avoid for your Zumba® class.

What to consider.

  • Shoe with Pivot Point to facilitate turning and twisting motions (a must)
  • Shoe that is a “trainer” rather than “running”
  • Cushioned shoe, rather than a light weight version, slipper type.
  • Carpeted floors provide other difficulties & with shoes of any tread could cause feet to catch and twisting movements & it can cause hyper-extension of joints and knee pain.

Top 3 stores Ivy and Silvi find their dance shoes:

  • Champs
  • Foot Locker
  • Sport Check

pivoting point dance shoes3

The right zumba® shoes should depend on the surface you dance on. One of the first consideration you should include in your planning is the studio flooring. Wood flooring is the optimal for impact and reduced stress on joints during some of the twisting movements famous in our classes such as our spins, jumps  and/or the pivoting during our favourite merengue march.





What shoes do you favor for zumba?

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