Self-Defense classes coming on Feb 1st to Latin Fitness Ztudio

Posted on January 3, 2014 by Latin Fitness Ztudio

women-self-defense2Following our popular self-defense workshop hosted last fall, we have decided to add a weekly self-defense class on Saturdays at 12:30pm starting February 1st. Instructing Krav Maga, a reality based self-defense system widely used around the world by military & law enforcement agencies for its efficiency to neutralize an aggressor as quickly as possible.

Krav Maga is an effective self-defense system because it is based on human instincts and uses the body’s natural response under stressful situations.  Self-defense involves knowing how to avoid situations that put you at risk then coupling them with evasive techniques that can help keep you safe and sound. Training will also cover situational awareness to develop an understanding of one’s surroundings and potentially threatening circumstances before an attack occurs.

The Self Defense class will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with threats and physical attacks, which may occur on the street or at home.  It will teach and prepare you how to defend against common chokes, grabs, bear-hugs and other attacks. These include fighting from the ground and what to do when confronted with weapons. You will learn to be aware of potential dangers and avoidance. The classes incorporate training methods to build a’ fighting spirit and to train how to respond both mentally as well as physically and eliminating freezing in confrontation.

You owe it to yourself to stay safe. Don’t let the criminals win. Learn self-defense and be confident that when the time comes, you’ll be able to defend yourself.

Notes about the Self-Defense class:

  • This class like any other class will count as one visit. No specific membership or pass is needed.
  •  You can wear your regular workout clothes.  Please do not wear any jewellery (necklace, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc..). You do not want to take the risk to break them nor do you want to scratch someone with them.
  • Must be 14 years old or older to attend this class.
  • No athletic requirement for this class. Self-defense should be intuitive and available toeverybody.
  • Starting on Saturday Feb 1st, 2014 at 12:30pm. Please check the online schedule for updates.

The instructor for the Saturdays classes is known as Mister G.


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