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Posted on September 24, 2013 by Latin Fitness Ztudio

Olivia tattooIn a million years, we would have never thought that after one year of existence, someone would permanently tattoo the Latin Fitness Ztudio logo on their body. Well, Olivia Tung did it. We are truly honored and amazed about it. We asked her about it.

LFZ: Olivia, can you tell us about you and when did you discover LFZ?

Olivia: I discovered Zumba in the summer of 2011 at SFU and soon started looking elsewhere in Vancouver for more. After trying out several community centres that only offered Zumba on specific days and times, I found LFZ online that offered Zumba (and various other classes) 7 days a week! To top it off, the first LFZ 30-day challenge was beginning in a few days and I knew that it was a sign to join. From then on, I was hooked!

LFZ: What made you get a tattoo with the Latin Fitness Ztudio logo?

Olivia: I have several tattoos, each one of them are near and dear to my heart (some, literally so). Since my life have changed dramatically since joining LFZ and because I simply loved the logo, I knew that I had to somehow incorporate it into my body art. However, it is not quite the actual logo, as the caption is normally “where you can dance your way into shape” but instead my tattoo has the caption as “where I danced my way into shape.”

LFZ: You just started working at the front desk. Could you tell us what are the things that you got as a LFZ student that you wish to give to the new students coming through our doors?

Olivia: I remember being completely out of my element when I first walked through LFZ’s doors. It helped to have the change room and washrooms pointed out to me, so that I knew where to start off at least. Now that I am working at the front desk, I make sure that I am available to help with any questions, as it is always someone’s first day!

Next time you are at the Latin Fitness Ztudio, say hi to Olivia!

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