Key tags are here!

Posted on September 20, 2013 by Latin Fitness Ztudio


As you my have seen, we have starting distributing key tags at the Latin Fitness Ztudio instead of punch cards. Our switch to key tags has several benefits:

  • Faster class registration at the front desk.
  • You can recharge your key tag in our online store, saving you time, or at the studio.
  • You are notified when your membership is about to expire
  • Our front desk staff can focus on you instead of punching cards.
  • We save trees 🙂

We currently do not support key tags stored on smartphone devices. But if the demand is there, we will.

One of our main reasons to use key tags is to free our front desk staff from punching cards, allowing them to dedicate more attention to our students coming through the front door, so please do say hi and chat!

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