Marisha Cruz

Marisha was born in Saipan, Marianas Islands, USA. Marisha started dancing at the age of 14. She explored different styles of dance : jazz, contemporary, breakdancing, popping and locking, but her passion and heart belonged to hip hop. She performed and competed until college. School was first priority and dance had became time consuming, so it had to come to an end. One day a friend invited Marisha to a Zumba class and that’s where she met Silvi.

Marisha was amazed at the combination of dance and fitness and immediately fell in love. Marisha was thrilled to be dancing again. She started regularly attending LFZ and was addicted. Soon enough with the encouragement and help from Ivy and Silvi, they began training her to become an instructor for the studio. Dancing has made a significant impact on Marisha’s life. She hopes to spread the joy and do the same for others through her passion for dance and helping others.

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