Glow and Flow Yoga in Vancouver

Posted on September 15, 2013 by Latin Fitness Ztudio

Glow and flow yogaLiving in Vancouver, we have all tried Yoga classes at one point. But have you tried Glow and Flow Yoga?

The Latin Fitness Ztudio is thrilled to host its first Glow and Flow Yoga class in Vancouver on Friday September 20th at 8pm.

Flow yoga is also known as breath-synchronized movement. The Sanskrit roots Nyasa means “to place” and vi means “in a special way.” In this class, you will learn how to control the breath while moving through space and how breath initiates movement. Flows/Vinyasas link postures, balancing the body and clearing energy channels, bringing the body back to balance to fully experience the energetic effects of the practice. Inhalations are linked to moves expanding the front of the body, creating lightness.

Anne Jones is an enthusiastic fitness instructor and experienced yoga teacher. She is currently studying Registered Massage Therapy & brings her in-depth anatomy knowledge to her yoga classes, along with humour and play.

What to bring: A yoga Mat, towel, water and your wonderful self!

Cost: $12 (pre-sale) and $15 at the door. Buy your tickets.

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