The 21 Day ABS Challenge Winner!!

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Latin Fitness Ztudio

Natasa-Challenge-WinnerThe 21 Day ABS challenge has come to an end and we are very proud of each one of the participants. It was a fearless competition, and Natasa Trajkovic took the winning title by losing 10 Pounds and 8 inches of her body , an outstanding end result. The runner up is Sanja Radulovic losing nearly 7 pounds and 5 inches of her body waist. Lorena Fierroand Lizzet Rizo are tied for 3rd place by losing 5 pounds and 3 inches.

A very close competition, and we are very inspired by your dedication and hard work. We are pleased to had helped you build a stronger core and to get you closer to your fitness goal, keep up the amazing work, always remember that consistence, perseverance and  discipline are key to success.

To continue with the amazing journey we will be having another Challenge, this time will be an Upper Body & Lower body  21 Day & 30 Day Challenge.

Very much like our ABS challenge you will be given a group of exercises targeting your agonist and antagonist muscles groups. One day you will target your upper body, next day lower body and so on. Register before Friday, August 01, 2014 and get 5% off by using the promotion code: challenge.

21 Day & 30 Day Upper body and lower body Challenge Starts:Monday , August 18, 2014. Please, read our challenge rules before signing up.  Register Online now.

We are proud recipients of the following awards: