Why Zumba® at the Latin Fitness Ztudio??


Very simple, The Latin Fitness Ztudio instructors have a passion for dancing which translate into amazing and fun choreographies.

  • Our instructors have the musicality and rhythm you look for in instructor.
  • We have the Latin Flair you find in a latin party.
  • We are experts in disguise. If you love dancing but hate to hit the gym this is it!!
  • We will make you sweat with their intense classes. You will workout without noticing it.
  • We will make your 60 minutes go by so quick that you will want more.
  • You will experience a real party feeling, nightclub lighting, amazing 3,000W sound system, an incredible energy, children area, Zumbawear  and friendly well trained Zumba® Instructors.

Do I need to have dance skills?


You do not need to have dance skills. Zumba® is for everyone. As for everything once you get familiar with the choreographies you will have a full Zumba® experience. You will be able to burn from 600-1000 calories per hour while having a great time, partying out.

How do I prepare for a class?


You only need to bring your workout gear, supportive footwear, a water bottle, a small towel and be ready to join the party!

Can I bring my kid to class?


Yes you can. We have a children play area. Our friendly receptionists would be able to help you keep an eye on your little one.

Can I share my Punch Card?


Unfortunately punch cards are non transferable.

What are the Benefits of Zumba®?


By integrating Zumba® Fitness into everyday life you may achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour of caloric burning, heart racing, muscle pumping, body energizing movements meant to engage and captivate for life!

  • Reduce stress, clear your mind
  • Burn fat, maintain healthy weight
  • Build endurance and coordination
  • Increase circulation and flexibility
  • Strengthen your heart and lungs
  • Tone muscles
  • Practice dancing, gain confidence on the floor
  • Explore your creative side, express yourself through movement

Where are you located?


Only 15 minutes drive from downtown Vancouver, our Latin Fitness Ztudio is located in the Burnaby area at A-5595 Kingsway

Do I need to register for a class?


You do not need to pre-register for classes. If you are a new member it is recommended to arrive 15 minutes in advance to fill up the registration form.

Do you sell Zumbawear?


We offer a wide variety of Zumba® Wear, along with custom cut shirts. Our stock is often renewed to ensure that you get the latest Zumba® Wear that no one else is wearing.  Prices vary depending on the item. Please come check them out.

Is Zumba® for men too?


If you’re a man who likes music and likes to move, you’ll like Zumba®.  They’ve even designed Zumba® clothing just for men.

What shoes are appropriate to wear at Zumba?


We Highly recommend Dance sneakers , they can be purchased at Champions, they tend to have soles made of a less sticky plastic, with a pivot point designed to facilitate turning and twisting motions. Therefore, they are easier on the knees. However, they do not have the same arch support that an athletic shoe provides, and they do not provide the “assistance” that a stickier soled athletic shoe has when it comes to stopping or changing directions quickly.

Are my Athletics shoes ok for Zumba?


Athletic shoes are ok as they offer a lot of shock absorption, so they are great at diminishing the shock felt on your legs and joints as a result of jumping movements. They also tend to offer superior arch support, when compared to a split-sole dance shoe, and they often offer some additional stabilization for over or under pronation, and ankle support. The disadvantage to this kind of shoe can be that they have rubber soles that offer a lot of traction. Twisting or turning actions will require more force, since the shoe is resisting, and this kind of resistance can result in knee pain over time. This is why we recommend Dance Shoes.

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